Community Sharing + Food Workshops + Juice & Meal Delivery

About Afterglow

We aim to bring sexy back to vegetables. Often being misunderstood as boring, unsexy and dry, a plant-based diet is actually extremely flavourful, refreshing and sexy. With our food, you will begin to understand why we are so passionate about going back to basics, with our feet firmly planted in the soil.

/Community Sharing – Gain direct access to people who really care about what you eat

/Food Workshops – Be inspired to make your own food to share with your family and friends through our carefully curated workshops with renowned personalities

/Juice Cleanse – Our juice cleanse is big on flavours and rich in nutrients. Paving the way to a toxin free body and leaving your skin with an afterglow

/Eat Clean Meal Plans – A true celebration of a healthy lifestyle starts with what you eat. We make everything from scratch without any processed junk and deliver to your door step every single day.